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Why Eleo?


In a world facing ongoing threats and evolving security challenges, from Insurgency & Terror to Intrusions and Robberies- the need in professionalism and expertise in taking proper counter measures is a must.

It is a proven fact that technological supremacy is one of the key elements required in handling and suppressing these threats effectively. Nevertheless more often than not, fulfilling this job effectively requires various and different technologies and solutions that are not to be found under one roof making many of them difficult to be aware of, sourced and managed, which greatly affects the solution validity.  

This is where the strength of Eleo Technologies & Telecommunications Nig. LTD. comes into place. Through vast knowledge and experience we know to find and integrate different technologies to provide the best solution for our customers needs and manage the whole process from A to Z, which is significant for the purpose of making an effective holistic solution that provides us the peace of mind we wish for.

We work closely with our customers and handle the full cycle by providing solution design, integration, deployment, training and post-sale support towards successful implantation in the field.

At the beginning of each process Eleo thoroughly consults with the client in order to fully understand the full scale of requirements & demands, conditions & limitations in order to provide the best solution/set of solutions for the job.  

We invite you to contact us now.


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